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There are many different methods available today for how to get rid of acne. Some of them are topical treatments that are aimed to treat only the symptoms, while others such as Accutane are designed to limit the amount of oil the body produces. The best treatment for how to get rid of acne is of course prevention. There are number of things that can be done in order to prevent acne.

The first thing you should look at is what causes acne. Understanding its main causes and how it affects your skin is a very important part of learning how to get rid of acne. The main cause is a hormonal imbalance. When this happens, too much sebum oil is produced which can clog your pores. When this happens they are clogged with sebum oil, bacteria and also dead skin cells.

Most of the over the counter topical acne treatments are aimed at dealing with the clogged pores rather than the hormonal imbalance. The problem that this creates is that the hormonal imbalance is still there, so acne outbreaks will occur again if you are only treating the visible skin conditions of acne. Fortunately there are ways to correct the hormonal imbalance and have a good chance at preventing acne so that it is not an ongoing problem.

If you are able to eliminate foods that are high in sugar, fatty and greasy foods and also milk from your diet, it will go a long way towards fixing the hormonal imbalance. If you can replace these with fruit, vegetables and water you will feel much healthier as well as having healthier looking skin.

Another important thing to deal with is stress. While stress is not the actual cause of acne, it is considered to play a part in contributing to the hormonal imbalance.

Often there are situations where the imbalance is difficult to control due to various circumstances. This can include pregnancy and also the changes your body goes through and the subsequent hormonal increase that teenagers will experience.

Once you have addressed the hormonal issue as best as you can, it is time to look at additional ways of how to get rid of acne such as skin care and hygiene. If you can wash your face in lukewarm water twice each day, as well as keeping your hands cleaned by regularly washing them, you will stand a better chance of beating acne.

Another effective way of how to get rid of acne is to only use cosmetic products that are non oil based or even ones that are designed mainly for people who suffer from acne. The extra oil that some products contain will only add to the problem, so avoid them whenever possible.